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    Hello everyone,
    I’m trying to synchronize some Sharepoint data with the IDM through REST. The only option seems to be the Groovy ScriptedREST connector. I found out how to login through NTLM but our proxy stopped the show.

    So the following questions bubbled up in my head:

    1. Is there no simple solution than that? Some configurable REST connector perhaps?
    I know about the XML connector but it’s not functional enough for my case.

    2. If not, is there a better/deeper documentation about the ScriptedREST connector?
    I’ve read all IDM guides (including Samples and Connectors), checked out the OpenICF docs and read the Groovy RESTClient on GitHub (which is outdated and poorly documented). But as I’ve never worked with Groovy I’m still missing some pieces to fully understand it.

    3. If not again, at least how can I login with NTLM and use the proxy?

    If the first two answers are no, then there clearly is some work to do (improving the docs and update the Groovy dependencies).
    I would really appreciate if somebody could help me and like to say thank you in advance!

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