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    Hi All

    I have created an authentication tree with a username and password collector nodes with a scripted authentication node (Groovy) at the end of it.

    In the script, accessing username as sharedState.get(‘username’) works fine but accessing password as sharedState.get(‘password’) results in an error.

    Please can you advise?


    Hi Ajay,

    You don’t specify which version of AM you are using, but in AM6+ the password is in the transientState object rather than the sharedState, and is only available during the request in which it was submitted from the user agent. However, the transientState is not currently available from a scripted node (it has been raised as an improvement request, but we have not had a chance to add it yet), so you will need to implement a Java node rather than a script.



    Thanks James for clarification,

    I am using AM 6.5.

    The objective is to collect a username and password and validate it against an Oracle database table.

    I have previously used the JDBC authentication module but couldn’t find a node that will do something similar.

    I went for a scripted node to try reduce the time, as creating a custom node would have taken longer for me.

    Are you aware of any JDBC authentication node created by community or ForgeRock please?

     Peter Major

    The transient state is not currently available to scripted nodes, see:


    AM 6.5.1 works for accessing the password from transientState in a Scripted Auth Node.

    var sharedpassword= transientState.get(“password”);


    Thanks, Peter and Andrew

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