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    I would like to know where openam look for users when sharing a resource. I just found something strange for me, when I logging as paul I can share a resource with a user that does not exist in my LDAP directory. I thought that it shouldn’t be possible to do that. When I share a resource with an existing user, and I logging into this user’s account I can see this resource in the shared resource section (it was excepted…).
    But I don’t understand why I can share a resource with a non-existing user…
    Thank you !


    I have this in debug/Policy :

    amPolicy:08/28/2017 10:41:19:062 AM BST: Thread[http-bio-8080-exec-3,5,main]: TransactionId[57ece422-0010-419b-912e-15c4689e3392-3068]
    ERROR: PolicyResource :: UPDATE : Error updating policy, Lapin - paul - 48fe3c2a-937e-48f0-8a6b-c8f38a49387b0--639570148.
    com.sun.identity.entitlement.EntitlementException: Policy Lapin - paul - 48fe3c2a-937e-48f0-8a6b-c8f38a49387b0--639570148 does not exist.

    But in Realms > openLDAP > Authorization > agent1 I have it in the listed policies.

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