Setting of tomcat agent (null://null:null)

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    Hi thank you for your watching, and I want to advice.

    Windows7 Pro 64bit
    * JDK8
    * OpenAM 13.0.0 with Tomcat 8
    * Web application and tomcat agent with Tomcat 6

    “ERROR: Failed to obtain auth service url from server: null://null:null” in agent logs.
    How to solve correct url?

    “Message:The user does not have permission to perform the operation” in agent logs.
    Some says to create user same ID with J2EE Agent, so create one but keep on logging above.
    How to solve one?

    Thank you for reading!


    I think as this link mentions – this is a common scenario and hopefully should provide some answers.


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    Hi Jon.

    Sorry, I read and it mean “there’s no problem” for my question1, its right?


    Yes- it should not be logged at Error level really.


    Hi jon

    OK, i will not care about log, thanks.


    Anybody knows about question2…?

    Thank you.


    Possibly OPENAM-8551?

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