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    I have got OpenAM 13.5 agent installed in my environment and I am protecting a Apache web server with OpenAM web agent 4.1.0 I am trying to send an response header(uid) to the protected application.I am setting the Profile Attributes Processing as follows :-

    Profile Attribute Fetch Mode: HTTP_HEADER
    Profile Attribute Map: Map Key=uid ; Corresponding Map Value=UserToken

    However the Header is not passed to the protected application.Am I missing some configuration here?Please let me know if you need any other information to answer my query.


     Scott Heger

    How are you checking to see if the header is being passed? You won’t see the header from your browser’s perspective (i.e. via LiveHTTPHeaders or similar). You need to check via code in your protected application. If you are checking via your protected application and not seeing it, then you should try kicking up the debug level of your agent. You can then check the agent logs to see what might be going on. Also do the same for the OpenAM debug logs. Kick up the level and see what you find.

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