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    Hi Guys,

    Im having issue configuring 2 openam instances in a site configuration. I had amazon aws instances and changed them to A records with proper DNS.I changed A records for amazon instances. i try to configure 2nd instance to the existing deployment and it says the ports are already in use, but the ports are not used. im using dns with .ca. can we use domains???? or any other issue ?

     Scott Heger 

    That would not be a DNS issue. I’ve only seen this when the actual ports were in use. Try to restart the system to ensure all ports are cleared and then give it a try.


    Hi I tried that i restarted i even checked that nothing is running on the ports. I tested with amazon DNS and it doesnot show ports are already used

     Peter Major 

    Probably you have misconfigured the /etc/hosts file or DNS. Issues like OPENAM-2798 tend to kick in when you try to install OpenAM using improper network setup (like the configured host name does not resolve to an IP address that corresponds to a local network interface).

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