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    Hi All,

    We have configured OpenAM to limit number of active session per user by enabling Session Quota Constraints.However we require few users to be excluded from these session constraint and allow any number of active openAM session.
    Can this be done ? Request you to kindly provide any pointers.



    After enabling Session Quota Constraints, you can add a Session Service to individual users, and increase the max Active User Sessions just for that user – it should override the global number

    Realm > Subjects > user > Services tab > add Session

     Scott Heger

    Exactly @joe-starling.


    @joe-starling @shegergmail-com Thanks for the input this really helps.
    As you suggested the session configuration for a particular user can be controlled by adjusting max Active User Sessions just for that user.So we cant totally disable the Session Quota Constraints for the given user.Can we set the max Active User Sessions to unlimited somehow? so that the users doesn’t have any session restriction at all.

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