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    Hi All

    I recently upgraded from OpemAm 6.0 to 6.5 but I am having trouble with something. Previously, to get my access token I would set up my OAuth to use “Stateless Access and Refresh Token” and call the endpoint Https:<Server>/OpenAm/oauth2/access_token?realm=/MyRealm passing in my clinet secret, id, username, password, grant type and scope. This would give me back the longer JWT token I am after.

    However on 6.5. I am unable to do this. The option on OAuth policy is now changed to “Use Client-Based and Refresh Token” but switching this on with and calling the same endpoint as before leads to the message “server_error”.

    Note: If I don’t turn on “Use Client-Based and Refresh Token” I get the short for access token just as I would if I dont turn on “Stateless Access and Refresh Token” back on 6.0

    Any ideas anyone on what I am doing wrong?

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