separated user and group list per realm with on openAM/LDAP

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    I’m using openAM with one ldap (embeded by default config).

    in openDJ, I created the following:


    In openAM, in config of each realm:

    base DN = ou=realm1
    ——–people container = people
    ——–groups container = group

    base DN = ou=realm2
    ——-people container = people
    ——-groups container = group

    but I still can see users of realm1 in realm2 which I do not want. users/grops of each realm should be per-realm.

     Scott Heger

    The LDAP Organization DN’s should be:

    For realm1: ou=realm1,dc=example,dc=com
    For realm2: ou=realm2,dc=example,dc=com

     Rajesh R

    @jax please find the following scree-cast I made for you, just in case if it helps you understand it better:

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