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    Hello guys,

    i need help to decide the best approach to customize the self service or the admin UI.
    One of the requirements is, to enable a UI for a technical user.
    This user should be more authorized then a normal user but less than a admin.

    Now the question, is it easier to add more UI feature to a normal User?
    Or would it be smarter to restrict some features of the Admin?
    Maybe even a third approach? To provide a full custom UI with only using the REST interface of IDM.

    Is there even a possibility to customize the UI this way?

    best regards

     Bill Nelson

    “Is there even a possibility to customize the UI this way?” – certainly, but is it worth the time/effort to do so?

    Keep in mind that the UI is not the issue, the UI is nothing more than just a pretty interface into REST API endpoints. So customizing the UI doesn’t guarantee that someone cannot simply make a direct call to an endpoint after you have spent all this time/effort modifying/creating your UI. So don’t think in terms of the UI, think in terms of endpoints and you will be much safer. Of course this means that you need to know what endpoints are called based on UI actions. ForgeRock provides some guidance on this in the Integrator’s Guide, but this is where the Google debugger becomes your friend as well.

    Once you know what endpoints you want to protect and how you want to protect (or expose) them, then you can do that in the script/access.js script. This file allows you to define which endpoints that you want to expose to managed roles (or managed users). If you take the managed roles route, one word of advice – create your managed role with a PUT (not a POST) as that allows you to define the _id of the managed role to a “friendly name” (ie. managed/role/readonly-admin versus managed/role/{java uuid}).

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