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    We have setup with SP, IDP Proxy, 2 IDPs and user selects IDP from a JSP IDP Finder/Chooser Page and we are using HTTP Redirect / POST bindings. I need to:

    1.) Introduce – PRIOR to SAML request going to IDP – a http redirect to a common cookie domain FQDN (to set language cookie to be used by IDP) and then have it continue SAMLv2 to the IDP

    2.) Introduce – AFTER returning from IDP – a http redirect to the same common cookie domain FQDN (to get latest language cookie as set at IDP) and then have it continue SAMLv2 back through IDP Proxy

    I had been looking at “SAML2ServiceProviderAdapter” preSingleSignOnRequest() and preSingleSignOnProcess() however redirecting in these methods will short circuit the calling codes processing and should fail.

    Any ideas on how to go about tackling such an issue? Hopefully I am missing something obvious ;-)



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