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    Is there any plan to have SAML-based Tree Nodes baked in the next version of product.

    Right now, it is kind of fragmented approach. As we know, we can accomplish SAML based use-case either through Integrated SAML Approach OR through Standalone approach

    Integrated SAML Approach does not look to fly as we are done with Modules and Chains (after the advent of Trees)

    Standalone approach is fine for now if it is silo and isolated work but truly speaking Tree based Nodes would be ideal.


     Andrew Potter

    Not sure if it will be ‘baked in’, but there is a community node on the Marketplace you could use today:
    (Note that Readme states that this node needs v6.5.2 or above)


    Thanks Andrew. The node that you mention will work for us.

    Also I am seeking one general clarification across the nodes. There is one small paragraph at https://backstage.forgerock.com/docs/am/6.5/auth-nodes/#node-callbacks

    It basically tells us that
    In order to process responses to callbacks, it is necessary to know which callback is at which position in the list. You can find the position of the callbacks created by the current node by using the constant properties for each callback position in the processing node.
    If the callbacks were created in previous nodes, their positions must be stored in the shared state before subsequent nodes can use them.

    I am not fully getting where and how this constant properties for each callback is stored ?

    Would you please help me demystifying this aspect of callback in context of TREES




    After taking the AM400B class, I was told that SAML would be in trees in 6.5.

    We are on:
    ForgeRock Access Management Build d239585362 (2019-January-15 06:37)
    …but I’m not seeing anything SAML-related in the Tree components.

    Can you further explain, please?

    – Will B.

     William Hepler

    Thanks for sharing

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    • This reply was modified 9 months, 3 weeks ago by Capik27.
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