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    We are using OpenAM as a SAML service provider and running into some performance problems. Our probe indicates that the com.sun.identity.saml2.profile.spacsutils.processResponse method is taking up a lot of time to process the SAML token received. It takes around 7 seconds for each requests.

    We are using OpenAM version 10.0.1. Any idea if the newer release 11.0.x address this performance issue? If not, is there any patch/extension we can apply?

     Victor Ake

    Sachiman, 7 seconds is a lot of time, even when 10.0.1 is an old version, I do not think is possible for the processResponse to take that long, it sounds to me like you have another problem, maybe a networking issue or a DNS issue. You can of course try with a more recent version of OpenAM.

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