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    We know that we can achieve SAML Virtual Federation through “Secure Attribute Exchange” (SAE)

    When IDP-side legacy application authenticates the user and sends the attributes including the userID to the local-OpenAM (who will eventually forward it to the SP-side OpenAM where SP-side legacy application is running)

    I would like to know,

    #1 Will local-IDP-OpenAM configured with SAML SAE re-authenticate the user ?

    #2 The IDP-federated-session prepared in local-idp would anyway be different than the standard SSO session ?

    #3 How would IDP acting as SAML-gateway map the incoming user in the SAE with the PRINCIPAL in its userstore.
    I believe SAE Authentication Module will assert the incoming user but there is no more configuration of this module. So I would like to know what is the default behavior to map the userID with userstore.


     Peter Major 

    SAE is a legacy feature of OpenAM and I really hope it can be killed with time. I’m just not sure if setting up SAE with your applications is the most forward-looking approach.


    Experienced a problem with SAE and time drift between two servers this morning… I wasn’t aware SAE had any binding to time since we used symmetric encryption. Apparently it does because the drift was over 8 minutes, and as soon as drift was corrected, SAE started working. Deducing this was difficult because the only message we found was: “errcode=4,verifyEncodedStringFailed”… Perhaps obvious to some, but wasn’t to me. :)

    Are there any settings related to skew time for SAE? Not planning to change them, just curious what the limits are.


    I have a concern on the comment about SAE being a Legacy feature of AM. Has it been replaced? What would be a more forward looking approach to a Virtual Federation (Remote IdP and Remote SP – but utilize AM for Cookie/Token once Authenticated)

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