Saml certificate renew vs. revoke & replace

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    I thought Certificate renewal should be different process from certificate revoking
    &replacemnt. For SAML certificate renewal, if we updated keystore with new certificate used by ForgRock IDP before expiration date, must all SPs immediate get new public key? Can each SP get public key at different time without causing problems? If not, what’s difference of renewal from revoking&replace?




    No difference. For renew cert, you need to remove the old and replace the new one. And if your all SPs depend on 1 IDP, then yes, all SPs must immediate get new public key


     Peter Major 

    You can also roll over your keys by simply adding the new key to the list of aliases on the hosted entity. The remote entities then can pull the new metadata that contains the >1 keydescriptors. Once you know that the new key has been propagated, you can remove the old key from the alias list.

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