Salesforce as IDP and OPENAM as SP

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    I need help kind of stuck in integrating Salesforce and OpenaAm

    Steps followed .

    1. Created a COT having Salesforce as IDP and OpenAm as SP .

    2. SP initiated URL

    3.Successfully login on Salesforce and redirected to ACS which from nowhere comings as HTTPS and (

    I am kind of stuck at the 3 rd step any help is appreciated


     Peter Major

    If Salesforce is returning the assertion to the wrong endpoint, then chances are that you have misconfigured SAML on Salesforce side.

    You should also have a look at your outgoing SAMLRequest and verify that the AssertionConsumerServiceURL has the correct protocol.

     Nagesh kumar

    It is simple to use OpenSSO as an identity provider for SSO with applications using the SAMLv2 protocol. Out-of-the-box OpenSSO supports an easy-to-use workflow feature that enables the customers to integrate applications to their existing authentication infrastructure.

    There are multiple ways to achieve the SSO with The IDP users’ attributes can be sent to the Service Provider (SP) in one of the following ways:

    As an attribute statement in the SAML assertion

    As a nameID element in the SAML assertion subject statement
    In the same manner, service provider at can use any of these two options for its local attribute that is used to perform the SSO.

    Thank you

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