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    I added a new role and set permission on access.js but still getting
    FAILED”,”403″,”{“”code””:403,””reason””:””Forbidden””,””message””:””Access denied””}

    Here is my access.js config (let say the role name is nomrole)

    “pattern” : “*”,
    “roles” : “nomrole”,
    “methods” : “*”,
    “actions” : “*”

    Did anyone created a new role and set it to normal users? How to set permissions?

    Thanks a lot.

     Jake Feasel 

    You have to use the role _id, not the role name, when declaring them in access.js.


    Thanks a lot Jake,

    that what I did and worked but I forgot to notify it here. I hope the documentation will be updated accordingly in the future.
    Thanks again.


    I created a new role called “TestRole” and changed access.js to mention corresponding _id value as shown below (after openidm-admin). Also assigned role to required managed user. When i try to access https://<idmURL>/admin url with that managed user, I get unauthorized access. Is this supposed to work this way?

    My ultimate goal is to assign only certain privileges to a role. For eg: that role should be able to perform password resets, user updates etc.

    —————–Snippet from access.js———–
    // openidm-admin can request nearly anything (except query expressions on repo endpoints)
    “pattern” : “*”,
    “roles” : “openidm-admin,3deed6e6-aea5-4c2d-902b-961063232e4a”,
    “methods” : “*”, // default to all methods allowed
    “actions” : “*”, // default to all actions allowed
    “customAuthz” : “disallowQueryExpression()”,
    “excludePatterns”: “repo,repo/*”


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