Reverse Proxy Apache front OpenAM with web Policy Agent on it

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    Hi everyone,

    One of you have ever try to install an Apache in front of OpenAM with an Web Policy Agent in the same time. My goal of doing this is have only one server web for protect an application and front my openam

      __________              ________________________   
    |  Browser   | -------> | Reverse Proxy w/agent    |                  ______________
    |  Client    |          | VHost IP1 | -------------> | Openam Server  |
                            |                          |      _____________________
                            | VHost IP2   | -> | Protected Application |

    So my openam are configured with cookie I set the agent with com.sun.identity.agents.config.notenforced.url[0] =*

    The problem is when i start my Apache nothing log in Debug/amAgent even if debug is set on all:5 plus when i try to access on ressource of web server with browser nothing happend, keep loading. If i do the same with NetCat and send a GET /myressources HTTP/1.1
    Host: toto

    No answer ….

    So I think there are a loop on Apache something like webAgent try authenticate from URL of OpenAM but this URL is serve by the same apache and don’t want to let pass the request because not authentified like infinite loop :-(

    Have you any suggestion ??

    Excuse my bad english

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     Pawel Pietrzynski

    Hi There,

    You should not protect OpenAM reverse proxy with an agent. You should either have another Apache instance without an agent for OpenAM or limit access in a different way, but OpenAM should be accessible from the browser without an agent. Also OpenAM should be accessible by the agents without going through an agent.





    Thank you for the answer and your time, i had some doubts about that.



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