Restricting the CRUD permissions to the Administrators

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    We have two applications protected by OpenAM and OpenDJ is the directory server.

    (a) Test1
    (b) Test2

    I have defined following 3 OUs under base DN dc=root,dc=com
    (a)ou=Administrators,dc=root,dc=com: Under this OU, I have just 2-3 Administrators.
    (b)ou=Groups,dc=root,dc=com : Under this OU , I have defined two groups for “Test1” and “Test2” which has respective members for “Test1” and “Test2”
    (c)ou=People,dc=root,dc=com : Under this OU, I have all the users for Test1, Test2 and Administrator.

    How should I restrict permissions to only allow the users within OU=Administrators to carry out all the CRUD (Created, Read, Update and Delete) activities.
    Currently, The Application developers make REST calls to OpenAM with “amAdmin” to carry out these activities. But I don’t want them to use the OpenAM – Admin user details.
    Pls help.
    My initial investigation shows that I will have to execute ACI statement. However, I am not aware how to draft ACI statements and executing them.
    I will attach a screenshot for further clarification.(If I can !)

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    In OpenDJ 2.6, the access controls enforced when calling the REST APIs are the same as when accessing through LDAP. So user A has exactly the same rights regardless of the protocol.
    In future versions, it will be possible to protect the REST endpoint and restrict who can make calls to it.

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