Restore job hung with “ds-task-state: UNSCHEDULED”

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    On my production “restore” operataion is hung. there are no logs in access/error logs as well.
    Status of that scheduled task is showing as UNSCHEDULED. Could not found much details about this state.
    Any idea what it could be? And can I cancel this operation.

    dn: ds-task-id=20171108102111851,cn=Scheduled Tasks,cn=Tasks
    objectClass: ds-task
    objectClass: top
    objectClass: ds-task-restore
    ds-backup-id: 20171031130039Z
    ds-task-state: UNSCHEDULED
    ds-task-class-name: org.opends.server.tasks.RestoreTask
    ds-backup-directory-path: D:\Backup\user\WDSDataBackups\schema
    ds-task-id: 20171108102111851
    creatorsName: cn=Directory Manager,cn=Root DNs,cn=config
    entryUUID: ***
    createTimestamp: 20171108012111Z


    got the resolution
    it was due to ds-cfg-enabled was FALSE at “ds-cfg-backend-id=tasks,cn=Backends,cn=config”
    Setting it to true, import/restore/backup is working fine.


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