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    We are using ForgeRock version6 & have integrated AM,IDM & DS.
    We are doing a poc of securing microservices using OpenID ForgeRock conenct/OAuth captabilities.

    As part of poc,we need to get the roles associated to the user.The users and the associated roles are primarly present in DS & reconciled into IDM.
    Does ForgeRock have REST API’s that interact with IDM/DS & return the roles associated to a user when userid is sent as paramter?
    If possible please provide links to the REST API’s provided by ForgeRock with API documentation/syntax.



    Please use the IDM REST APIs to access roles.

     Bill Nelson


    you say that the roles are reconciled into IDM. Are you bringing them in as managed/role objects? If so, you can retrieve the roles for a user with the following:

    GET http://host:port/openidm/managed/user/_id/roles?_queryFilter=true&_fields=_ref/*,name

    This will bring back only the roles associated with that the user associated with the _id identifier.

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