Resource Type UUID in OpenAM 13

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     Gregory Wright

    I am curious about the rationale behind exposing the resource type UUID in the REST API for OpenAM, and requiring its use in the resource type, policy set and policy REST APIs. This seems a bit “unfriendly” [to me] from a configuration maintainer perspective in that now instead of being able to simply POST a series of CM’ed JSON files to load up an instance with a base configuration, we must have more complicated configuration scripts that capture the UUID of the resource types and perform substitutions on the policy set and policy JSON to insert the UUID of the resource types. It seems like if resource types are tied to a specific realm, and must be uniquely named within the realm, that using a resource type name would be sufficient for the outward facing API.

    I ran into this while trying to spin up an instance of OpenAM 13 using our configuration JSON from OpenAM 12. I was unable to find anything in the release notes for OpenAM 13 that spoke to these specific changes to the REST API, and could not ferret out anything from JIRA, the forums or the mailing lists.

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