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    Hi everyone,

    Did anyone solved the issue “Resource ‘managed/user’ not found”? We are getting this error for almost any managed object.
    unfortunately, openIDM doesn’t log no specific message.

    We are using openIDM 5 (docker container — kubernetes ) and Maria DB. We dropped all tables and recreated them again with openidm.sql script but the error persists.

    To be complete, everything was working fine before but, the error happened suddenly and since, it’s persisting.

    Any idea to solve this issue?

    Thanks a lot.

     Tom Wood


    Can you confirm the exact REST request/response you’re using? Please note that Maria DB is not tested/supported with OpenIDM 5 as per the Installation Guide.

     Bill Nelson

    Hi @jtsheke, as @tom-wood mentions, ForgeRock does not support MariaDB as a repository – even though it is fork of MySQL and even though it is “supposed” to be drop and replace (with certain incompatibilities listed here: I noted that someone else had similar issues on the forum (see and they ended up going with MySQL. Or even better, you might want to consider using PostgreSQL.

    Now, having said that, have you ramped up the logging output in the file to see if there are any useful messages there? Keep in mind that even if you are able to get this to work, it is not a supported configuration. I would suggest that you switch to a supported DB and save yourself the grief.


    Thanks a lot. after restoring the database and debugging, I found that the issue was a superfluous parenthesis in a script. Unfortunately, the log could not help and the message “Managed/user not found” was not really accurate.

    The issue is solved.

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