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    Hi All,

    How can I replicate OpenDJ 2.4 to OpenLDAP 2.4 Server? Many Thanks.


    You cannot use replication between different vendors’ servers because there is no standard for replication between LDAP servers. Each product/vendor has its own proprietary protocol and service.

    However you can synchronise data between both products using products such as ForgeRock Identity Management or open source projects like lsc-project.


    Ludo, Thank you so much.

    Can you share some tips/guide for configuring synchronization? architecture: OpenDJ -> OpenIDM/LSC -> Openldap,…

    thanks you again.

     Gentjan Kocaqi

    As Ludo pointed out, you can do this via IDM (config both LDAP servers and do the synchronization between the two) or via other dedicated sync tools such as lsc-project (https://lsc-project.org). Regarding what could fit to you it depends on your needs: is it just a one time migration because you are changing LDAP provider or do you want to keep them both and in sync?


    Hi Gentjan Kocaqi,
    I want to keep them both and in sync.
    I installed openidm. and has synced data from opendj -> openidm repository. but no data from openidm -> openldap.
    I try to sync from openldap -> openidm repository but the following error:
    2018-11-26 20:07:18:018 WARN Cannot reconcile from an empty data source, unless allowEmptySourceSet is true. [ObjectMapping]

    Can you help me ?
    Many thank

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