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    In OpenDJ 3.0, default import type is overwrite and has no option to append. Wondering why “append” it removed from import-ldif.


    The Append mode has been removed because we reorganised the backends to support different embedded key-value stores and not all stores could support append.
    Beside, doing an import append does break replication and requires to fully re-initialize all replicas.
    You should use ldapmodify -a to add new records. If it’s not fast enough, you should split the input file in multiple subsets and add all subsets in parallel.


    Note: there is a related issue opened for ldap modify to support parallel import:


    Thanks Ludo.
    But “ldapmodify -a” doesnot work on attributes where NO-USER-MODIFICATION is defined in schema(like createTimestamp, modifiersName ….)
    In our product while upgrading, we need to preserve existing node and add a new node as well(which was done by append).

    Do we have any ldif merge kind of mechanism, by which we can simulate append?

    thanks in advance.

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