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    I made a mistake in Postman and now have a managed user with the attributes phoneNumber and PhoneNumber. I have been trying to remove the second one here, but with only the case difference I am unable to do this with Postman it seems

    Any hints here?
    I was thinking of going into the table in postgresql to remove and recreate the user, but I am not sure if this means I will keep all the links to account in the links table (I assume this would be ok)

    Any other ways of doing this?

    And since I am not an SQL expert, could someone help me to export the json blob from the database? I only see this as ‘object’

    I am running OpenIdm 4.5.1

     Jake Feasel 

    You should be able to issue a PATCH request to remove the attribute, like so:

    {"operation": "remove", "field": "PhoneNumber"}

    See more details here:


    Thank you. I have been trying that without success, nothing works. But now I have bben tinkering a bit with this.

    It seems I could not remove the field if the value was null. The update returned ok, but nothing changed on the object, and the _rev was also unchanged. But if i first patched a value to the attribute, I could then remove it.

    {“operation”: “replace”,”field”: “PhoneNumber”,”value”: “test-value”}
    {“operation”: “remove”,”field”: “PhoneNumber”}

    I should probably have tried this first, but for some reason this didn’t occur to me before your insistence that this should work. Sorry for bothering you with this and thank you.

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