Relay-state in SAML Integrated Mode

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    I have ADFS as IDP
    I have set up OpenAM as SAML Service Provider in integrated SAML mode

    I am not able to push out the relay-state with the SAML Authn Request in SP-Initiated flow originating from OpenAM side.

    Can somebody help me how can I make sure the the SAML assertion that returns to OpenAM ACS endpoint also contains the original Relay-state so that OpenAM after validating the SAML-assertion can redirect the user to the right web-page.



    Any update on this as this is very critical for our development.

    If Relay-state token is NOT possible on OpenAM side, is there any way we can hard-code the Relay-state URL on the ADFS side i.e., IDP-side, so that after authentication when ADFS prepares SAML-assertion, the relay-state is also sent out in the http response message.

    Really appreciate your help.


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