Relationship Properties… can someone please give me a 60 second explanation?

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    I can’t seem to find anything that describes what the “Relationship Properties” attributes are used for when defining a relationship between managed objects. Are they simply string attributes that users can enter to describe the relationship or are they part of something more structural in the definition of the relationship.

    Could someone please give me the 60 second low down on these attributes?


    If I recall correctly, when our documentation refers to relationship properties, it generally means the json property in an object (e.g. in the user) with the details of that relationship. For example the “manager” property in a user, pointing to another user.

    It could be that in casual conversation someone might ambiguously refer to properties within the relationship by the same term. And in that case there are two things to differentiate there as well;
    a) the relationship itself can have additional meta-data, for example role relationship could have “from” and “to” validity dates in the meta-data.
    b) The relationship(s) point to one or more target objects, and it’s possible to request in queries that properties on that target object is returned “in-lined” as well, such as requesting that the manager’s name is returned as well inside the relationship detail.



    I was referring to the optional field called “Relationship Properties” that’s presented when defining a relationship. Your description has clarified this nicely. Thanks.

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