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    Hello all:

    I’m currently attempting to integrate with the OpenAM REST API in order to send out the emails for the Registration/Reset Password functionality. I’ve gotten it working easily enough, and now I’m trying to add my own email templates.

    The problem is, I cannot seem to find a way to insert the link into the template where I want it. It seems that the link is always just tacked onto the end of the email.

    Is there any way to format this such that I can insert the link wherever I want?

    Thanks in advance

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     Peter Major

    Thank you for your quick response! Forgive my noobishness, first time poster. Can I mark this as resolved or something?

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    Hello again,

    I have a follow-up question:

    Is it possible for me to prevent OpenAM from sending the email and to get the link (or at least the tokenID and confirmationID) myself so I can send out the email manually? Or is there any other way to accomplish this? I was attempting to figure it out on my own, but short of implementing a registration token system myself, I’m out of ideas.

     Peter Major

    You could implement a custom MailServer, but that wouldn’t have direct access to the tokenId/confirmationId (i.e. to the actual link) directly, you would have to parse the message to get the link in your own MailServer. Since you would have your own MailServer, you could just decide not to send those e-mails out, or just send them out in pretty format instead.

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