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    In our project, we have two DS servers and two IDM servers. The golden source of data is an Oracle database. We set up a reconciliation and a live sync to apply changes in the DB to LDAP on a “near time” basis.
    I wonder if the the reconciliation is needed ever after the initial recon where the LDIF files are created.
    The live sync scripts should do everything which is needed – or did I oversee something?

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    If an entry is deleted in your source database, a simple livesync won’t be able to detect it. You can work around this by setting a “deleted” flag instead of actually deleting, if you need fast reactions by IDM.

    And of course “should” is not “will work”. If there is any issue, missing an entry with livesync is a possibility. A regular reconciliation (during the night, on the weekend…) will fix it.


    Many thanks for the reply. I buy the point with the deletion (which won’t appear in our project).
    But how could other modifications be “missed” by livesync?
    My understanding is, OpenIDM holds a timestamp reference and – when triggered – catches up all changes, even if the last sync wasn’t successful.

    Or did I get something wrong?

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