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    I have about 30 sub-systems, with total about 6M users.
    The main system has about 3M users.

    Please recommend me how to select a standard configuration.
    Which should the Repository be used (SQLServer, Orcale)? How many CPU/RAM and how many nodes in cluster…

    Thanks so much

     Sebastien Gagne 

    It’s hard to evaluate. How often are changes made to the users? How often do you wish to synchronise the data? How many attributes do you want to manage?

    If you want high availability you will need a minimum of two instances. Usually two nodes should be a good enough start, but make sure you have a step to evaluate load and performance. 4 cores and 16gb of RAM is also a good start, but make sure you have some room for expansion base on your performance tests. 16gb may be high, but its easier to have more than add it afterwards.

    Repository is hard to evaluate, depends a lot on the number of attributes.

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