React js web app as SP and OpenAM hosted IdP

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    Hello, I have configured a hosted IdP and a remote SP on my OpenAM instance. For the SP initiated SSO, when I send an HTTP Redirect from the SP to the HTTP-REDIRECT Location for the Single Sign On Service, the IdP responds with a login URL, and when i redirect to the Login URL, the user is not taken to the login page, but an assertion is sent to the SP’s assertion Service URL. Any ideas on what I could be missing?

    I am using OpenAM 13.0.0 and using saml2-js as my saml library in my React JS application.

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     Scott Heger 

    Sounds like you have an existing session. Are you logged in as amadmin by chance? Does this happen when using multiple browsers?


    Hey Scott, No i do not have an open session, I also check for the cookie that OpenAm sets for an active session, but it wasn’t there. This behaves the same even in Incognito mode.

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