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    Hi, All.
    I was successful in set up UserStore of RDB(PostgreSQL), confirmed that Users can be registed by Admin Console.Of course I know “Early Access”.
    Then I try to control users by REST API, but several issues arise.
    My results using REST API + RDB were as follows.

      – User search

    eg. curl -v -H “iplanetDirectoryPro: ***”

      ・User already exist


      ・User not exist


      – User Remove

    curl -v –request DELETE -H “iplanetDirectoryPro: ***”

      ・User already exist


      ・User not exit

    same result

      User Update

    curl -v –request PUT -H “iplanetDirectoryPro:***” -H “Accept: application/json” -H “Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8” –data “{¥”telnumber¥”: ¥”0999999999¥”, ¥”onetimeAddress¥”: ¥”[email protected]¥”}”

      ・User already exist


      ・User not exist

    same result

    What are problems?

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     Peter Major

    You should probably not use the Database (Early Access) Data Store implementation, it’s not really tested/feature complete.


    Thank you Peter.
    Do you know when the development is finished?

     Peter Major

    It’s early access for the past 5+ years, that should be a giveaway. :)


    OK, Peter Thank you.:-)

    I consider using LDAP Data Store.
    I’m looking forward to using RDB’s Store!


    Hi K.Satou and Peter Major
    I want to connect openAM with mysql from localhost ,
    and if i login openAM then user check from ‘opensso_usser’ table in mysql database
    and if i register openAM user then i want user insert into ‘opensso_usser’ table in mysql database

    . If K.satou have connect with postgres database i think you can help me with mysql database
    Please help me.


    Hi, vuvandung.
    I refer to this Japanese site.

    1. Start the MySQL Command Line Client, create the database for the user.

    mysql> create database user_db;

    2. Create the user “db_user” to access the database for the user.

    mysql> grant select,insert,delete,update,create,drop,file,
    -> alter,index on *.* to db_user identified by ‘password’;

    3. Create the table “auth_users” for storing user information to user_db database.

    mysql> use user_db;
    Database changed

    mysql> create table auth_users(uid varchar(50),cn varchar(50),inetuserstatus va
    rchar(20),userpassword varchar(50),ChangePassword varchar(50),mail varchar(50),s
    unIdentityMSISDNNumber varchar(50),sn varchar(50),manager varchar(50),preferredl
    ocale varchar(10),iplanet_am_user_password_reset_force_reset varchar(50),givenna
    me varchar(50),iplanet_am_user_alias_list varchar(50),iplanet_am_user_account_li
    fe varchar(50),telephonenumber varchar(50),employeenumber varchar(50),iplanet_am
    _user_auth_config varchar(50),postaladdress varchar(50),iplanet_am_user_password
    _resetoptions varchar(50),iplanet_am_user_password_reset_question_answer varchar
    (50),iplanet_am_user_success_url varchar(50),iplanet_am_user_failure_url varchar

    4. Copy the MySQL connector “mysql-connector-java-5.1.22-bin.jar” to the following directory OpenAM deployed. or set to class path.


    5. Restart the Glassfish.

    6. Login to OpenAM Management Console.

    7. “Access Control” -> “/(Top level realm)”->”Datastore”

    8. Press the “New” button. In “Step 1/2 Select the type of data store”, you set the following. After setting, you press the “Next”.

    Name: any data
    Type: database repository(Early Access)

    9. In “Step 2/2 the new data store in a database repository(Early Access)”, perform the MySQL settings. After setting you press the “End”.

    ・Password to connect to the database: ***
    ・JDBC driver URL: jdbc:mysql:
    ・User to connect to the database: db_user
    ・User table name of the database : auth_users

    10. In the “data store” tab, delete existing “embedded” the OpenDJ.

    11. “Subject”->”User” tab, press “New” button to create a user. Normally to ensure that the user is created.



    Oh my god!
    Hi K.satou ,
    thank you very very much for your help with this, I have followed your instructions and success.
    again thank you


    hi K.satou
    I have problem
    i use my registry openAm and clicking on the registration link of openam send mail, and I entered to fied form and click send but can not create users.
    previously when not connected to the register mysql still works
    Can you help me


    Hi K.satou
    i used soapUI tool to test register

    API – REST
    –request POST
    –header “Content-Type: application/json”
    “email”: “[email protected]”,
    “tokenId”: “yA26LZ6SxFEgNuF86/SIXfimGlg=”,
    “confirmationId”: “f4x0Dh6iZCXtX8nhiSb3xahNxrg=”,
    “username”: “newuser”,
    “userpassword”: “password”
    and have error
    “code”: 404,
    “reason”: “Not Found”,
    “message”: “com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Unknown column ‘username’ in ‘field list'”

    . and user link from openam send to mail , also not register

    Please help me


    Hi K.satou
    Please help me about APi Resr openAM to check exists Email in datastore, or get all attribute of user



    “message”: “com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Unknown column ‘username’ in ‘field list’”

    Please check username is defined in the MySQL table.


    hi k.satou
    You can help me , i need APi REst check Email exists in mysql .
    and i have many problem , i know need read ebook, but now i have little time .
    I have problem :
    1: I need code client (website or application ) call button facebook login and save to database
    2: APi check email of user register . if Email exist in database then do not register .
    3: i don’t understant , in OpenAM , i used APi register with just one Email but register many account.
    Can you give me your skype ?
    Thanks for your help


    hi K.Satou
    If you can help my skype ID: bboypukiu
    Thanks you so much .

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