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    Hello there,

    we have a problem with openicf LDAP connectors version 1.5.20.[2,3] running on a Linux server (Ubuntu LTS 20.04) to synchronize accounts to ForgeRock Identity Cloud (FIDC).

    Starting the service using systemd the CPU of the java process will go to 100% right after starting. In fact this also happens if we start it manually and send it to the background.
    Starting the connector by “/usr/local/openicf/bin/ConnectServer.sh /run” the CPU load is just a few percent maximum – but the process is running in the foreground…

    The service file we created is following the guide at https://backstage.forgerock.com/knowledge/kb/book/b58611370#a47306524 .
    The Java version is 11.0.11.

    Perhaps somebody ran into this too and has an idea what we are missing here – or it’s even works as designed, in which case we will stop debugging and continue migrating to FIDC :-)

    Thanks in advance for any hints Steff

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