Question: How to keep OpenAM up to date/patched without human intervention

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    Hi Everyone,
    Is there a supported process/approach to, either through Ansible or via Docker images, to keep an OpenAM instance up to date *without* requiring Human Intervention? (under the context of CI/CD where automated testing will occur on the patched/updated version)

    Currently, it seems the only way to get updated versions is to manually log into the update site to get the zip files with credentials…looking for solutions to automatically get updated (supported/paid-for) versions of OpenAM without relying on human intervention.

    Historical and current solutions for other platforms include Maven repositories and Docker registries that you can setup API/Service Accounts with for automation, but I don’t see anything like that for Forgerock/OpenAM, hopefully I’m just missing something, please assist :-)


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    Just checking in…for example, if you use the devops instructions from here:

    There is this statement because it still requires human intervention:

    The Dockerfile assumes that the openam.war file is pre-downloaded in this directory.

    How can we automate that process, such as from a credentialed maven repository with a service account?


    That’s quite good and interesting question! If you need a fast solution, you can contact DevOps consulting company (, if you want just to discuss it, that’s another question. For the automatization – that’s another part and it will be not in such easy way…

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