queryFilter for retreiving user using a nested attribute as the filter

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    I’m trying to use the rest api to return managed users who have a certain relationship property(_refProperties).

    For example below is an extract of the JSON for a user. Is it possible to write a query filter to return users who have the “customProperty” (inside_ refProperties) with value “test”?

        "result": [
                "_id": "1234",
                "userName": "user1",
                "address": {
                    "_ref": "managed/address/f7145ae2-d77b-4dcd-980f-67ddb8cddfbc",
                    "_refResourceCollection": "managed/address",
                    "_refResourceId": "f7145ae2-d77b-4dcd-980f-67ddb8cddfbc",
                    "_refProperties": {
    	            "customProperty": "test"
                        "_id": "8498f37c-61ba-48d6-918b-bb1fc9d342ea",
                        "_rev": "0000000089eea504"

    I tried writing the query like the below, but not too sure on the syntax.

    http://openidm.example.com/openidm/managed/user?_queryFilter=roles/_refProperties/customProperty eq "value1"&_fields=userName

    Any ideas how i would go about writing this query? I’m using opendj as my user store.


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    • This topic was modified 2 months ago by  jm89.
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