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    There is a very good way to query a recon using its id to monitor it in-flight.

    I can’t find it in the documentation to be able to do the same with a livesync.

    How do i monitor it or how do i get to know if one has finished ?

    One way is to set detailed failure to true and increase the timeout to something really long but if the timeout we set turns out to be more than what is anticipated, its lost, you can find where it is.

    What say experts ?


    I can see a few options and yes monitoring liveSync is not as straightforward as recons. First you would need setup a scheduled task that monitors:
    1. You could check the increments on the rev number or the syncToken value change to see if liveSync succeeded.

    2. Query auditsync table. You would need to look at the details of the table columns and then craft your query parameter and rest endpoint accordingly. You can check for success or errors

    3. Set a custom attr/object value maybe a datetime stamp or a number as a managedobject that updates for every sync (mimics the synctoken).

    I would suggest 1 as the best option and review the REST endpoints to read synctoken. The json also contains errors when it does happen, but its less reliable than reading the auditsync tables.



    Thanks @ssripathy. Forgerock must work on livesync monitoring. It’s documentation is scarce too.

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