Query:- How to do referral with two different dsa in opendj 2.6.1


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    I need to configure referrals on two different dsa’s in opendj 2.6.1

    Eg. machine 1:- DSA o=company1,c=in
    machine 2:- DSA o=company2,c=us
    I m following below link for the reference but no luck :(

    kindly guide me with the process of referral between two dsa on different machine. So that i can evaluate .

    Thanks in advance


    First, I don’t think this is a general question, but an OpenDJ specific one, and it would have been more appropriate to post in the OpenDJ forum.

    Second, what are you trying to achieve ? What do you need the referrals for ?


    Hi Ludo,

    There are different use cases where an application supports multiple ldap directories.

    1) When an organization has one directory for employees and another for
    external partners. In this case, the organization does not want to put all the
    users in one directory.
    2) When an organization has two directories from the same vendor that do not
    support chaining, but do support referrals. Normally, in this type of case opendj, a
    referral simply gives the client a suggestion about where to look for the user.

    for eg, referrals are supported by Microsoft Active Directory where client application can search users between cross domain (i.e. domain1.com and domain2.com ) or different geographical region.

    Is it possible with opendj 2.6.x ?



    Yes, it’s possible. Since you have now posted a message in the OpenDJ forum, I will answer there.

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