“pwdReset” attribute in OpenDJ is not changed by OpenIDM

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    Hello community,

    I have a problem that I need help with. My Use Case is: When a new user is added to DJ by an administrator, the user is required to reset his password at initial login. This also applies when an administrator resets a user’s password. The problem is that IDM does not set the pwdReset attribute in DJ to false for a user initiated password reset, so the user can log in normally. On the contrary, with an implicitSync, the pwdReset is set to true.

    I have installed IDM 6.5.03 and DJ 6.5 on my virtual machine. Both systems can communicate with each other. Up to now, IDM has configured the user self-service functionality, bidirectional synchronization to the DJ and a connector. The following password policy has been configured in DJ:

    Property : Value(s)
    account-status-notification-handler : –
    allow-expired-password-changes : true
    allow-multiple-password-values : false
    allow-pre-encoded-passwords : false
    allow-user-password-changes : true
    default-password-storage-scheme : Salted SHA-512
    deprecated-password-storage-scheme : –
    expire-passwords-without-warning : false
    force-change-on-add : true
    force-change-on-reset : true
    grace-login-count : 0
    idle-lockout-interval : 0 s
    java-class : org.opends.server.core.PasswordPoli
    : cyFactory
    last-login-time-attribute : –
    last-login-time-format : –
    lockout-duration : 0 s
    lockout-failure-count : 0
    lockout-failure-expiration-interval : 0 s
    max-password-age : 0 s
    max-password-reset-age : 0 s
    min-password-age : 0 s
    password-attribute : userPassword
    password-change-requires-current-password : false
    password-expiration-warning-interval : 5 d
    password-generator : Random Password Generator
    password-history-count : 7
    password-history-duration : 0 s
    password-validator : Attribute Value
    previous-last-login-time-format : –
    require-change-by-time : –
    require-secure-authentication : false
    require-secure-password-changes : false
    skip-validation-for-administrators : false
    state-update-failure-policy : reactive

    I hope anybody can help me

    Best regards

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