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    How to enable push notification module with AM 6.5.2 with our own Amazon SNS configuration. Phone is not able to generate OTP after scanning the QR Code generated by Forgerock.


    Push Notification doesn’t require an OTP. The QR code is for device registration afaik. I am not the expert and in fact I have a similar question.

    How can we remotely invoke the ForgeRock Push Notification module using a ForgeRock REST API call, or some other remote call technique if only something else is possible?

    Our requirement is to enhance a 3rd party server which will rely upon OpenAM 6.5 to provide the Push Notification authenticator service. The 3rd party server is a SAML IdP and this server does the initial UserID / password authentication. The 3rd party server is run by a Managed Service Provider so we have limited options in terms of our solution design.

    Once we have remotely invoked the Push Notification authenticator, our custom “glue” code will return a success / failure status back to the 3rd party server.

    The identity datastore of the 3rd party server and of OpenAM will share almost no information about the user. we will register the user’s mobile device with OpenAM 6.5. To avoid the need to sync identity data we plan setup federated SSO with OpenAM as a RP to the 3rd party server IdP.

    How can we remotely invoke the ForgeRock Push Notification module using a ForgeRock REST API call?

    Thank you,
    brad butler

    My search for an answer turned up this Forum post with a reference to this knowledge base article looks which may be useful, but I cannot access it.

    Peter Major – MODERATOR – This article should be of help:

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