Provisioning OpenAM datastores through the REST API

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    We are using OpenAM for a multitenant web platform to perform authentication. OpenDJ is used as the external datastore for the user-data.

    Currently we use the OpenAM Administration console to manually configure realms. We want to transition from a manually configured situation to an automated provisioned solution.

    In the documentation the method for automatically configuring the datastore for a realm is through the ssoadm command line tool. This tool is focused on console based administration and scripting.

    Being a web based platform our technology stack is focused on HTTP paradigms. The OpenAM REST API does align with this vision. Sadly we haven’t found a way to configure a datastore for a realm through this API.

    Can anyone tell us if this operation is possible through the REST API? Or is the ssoadm tool really the only way to achieve our goal?

    Kind regards,

    Perry Laarakkers

     Peter Major

    There is currently no REST API available that would allow you to create data stores. The 13 release will introduce a new REST interface for SMS that will have the potential of doing this, however that will not be fully supported in the release just yet.

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