Provisioning from OIM to OpenIDM via SPML?

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    I want to provision accounts in the local Oracle Identity Manager and use SPML to integrate OIM with 100s of different OpenIDM instances. Is that possible and what is the proper way to do it?



    I’m running a small proxy converting OpenIDM-REST-call to SPML-calls for Oracle Waveset, so just the other way around. Don’t like it and looking forward to finally getting rid of Waveset.

    Since OpenIDM has no SPML-support whatsoever, you will need to create your own proxy accepting SPML and calling OpenIDM-REST, either standalone (what I prefer) or as a bundle for jetty, extending OpenIDM directly.

    The other option would be to use a system in between, that both Oracle and OpenIDM can access, like a database that Oracle writes and which is source for OpenIDM with a short livesync shedule. That would have the benefit of being async, so no worries about retries when OpenIDM can’t handle the call.

    If you need to transfer passwords, it would be better to use OpenDJ, having Oracle writing to OpenDJ, which would receive the passwords in clear, perform a password-sync to OpenIDM before storing the passwords hashed.

    Last option would be to write your own connector for Oracle calling OpenIDM via REST.

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