Providing a subset of attributes to PUT in AM REST API

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    I am trying to see if it is possible to update the TrustedJwtIssuer resource by providing a subset of the attributes to PUT (kinda like PATCH).

    ForgeRock 6.5.3 documentation at talks about a Patch operation in general, but API Explorer only refers to “/realm-config/agents/TrustedJwtIssuer/{id}#_update” that seems to indicate this works like PATCH.

    When I invoked PUT openam/json/realm-config/agents/TrustedJwtIssuer/<id>#_update with just a couple of attributes, the values of the remaining attributes got reset to blank! In other words, specifying #_update in the URL had no impact.

    Am I required to GET all the attributes, modify the subset and PUT with the entire payload? What is the purpose of #_update then?

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