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    I’m a little bit lost and don’t know where to check…
    I would like to protect user personal data such as : name, birthday, credit card,…
    I’m using openAM to register a resource (picture) for a user and the user can share this picture with another users. Now I would like to register in openAM default data store a user credit card, phone number and allow the user to share those data. Is it possible to do it with openAM ?
    Thank you in advance for your help.


    I found the “Discovery Service” here : and I think it’s what I need. But I can’t find this service under Realms > realm name > services > add a service > Choose a service type. Is it deprecated in openam 14.1.0 ?


    I just had to use /oauth2/userinfo endpoint.
    Before all, need to create an Oauth2 agent in openAM (in my case agent1) and add email in the scopes.
    I followed those steps :
    1) Get the authorization from the authorization server
    Enter this link in web borwser
    Authenticate user paul and allow access. After that I’m redirected here :

    I used the parameter “code” retrieved in above url in this request to get the access token :

    $ curl \
     --request POST \
     --data 'client_id=agent1' \
     --data 'client_secret=agent1' \
     --data 'grant_type=authorization_code' \
     --data 'code=19691934-1bfc-4aaf-8416-2465e385b1c7 ' \
     --data 'redirect_uri=' \ 
    output :

    2) Request the access to paul’s email
    Use the above access_token :

    curl \
     --request GET\
     --header "Authorization: Bearer 2de8e20f-cb5d-46ec-84e8-ec6621e9b2d6" \

    output :
    {"email":"[email protected]","sub":"paul"}

    Then I got paul’s email.
    Hope it will help someone :)

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