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    i am facing some interesting problem with configuration on one of my platforms.

    After upgrade from OpenAM 11 to OpenAM 13 i am not able to connect to console with No Configuration error.

    In logs i found two strange behaviours:

    1. in Authentication log I found:
    ServiceBasedConfig, START dc=openam,[root]|OneLDAPService, name = ORGANIZATION=dc=openam,[root];CLIENT=html
    in my configuration i didnt find this service definition. (For sure i had some similar in one of my realm).
    In my ou=Configurations,ou=default,ou=OrganizationConfig,ou=1.0,ou=iPlanetAMAuthConfiguration,ou=services,dc=openam,[root] i have only ou=ldapService not ou=OneLDAPService.

    From where is this configuration (name of service retrieving?).

    2. in IdRepo log i found some JCEEncryption bad version and Invalid Credentials with LDAP error -91.

    What i am doing wrong. I made this scenario (upgrade 11 to 13) so many times but this issue i see for the first time.

    For additional info. When i am trying to connect with domain/openam?module=DataStore the No Configuration error occurs too.

    Thanks for help

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