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    Running the Login.bat from the example client scripts:

    Realm (e.g. /): /
    Login module name (e.g. DataStore or LDAP): DataStore
    Login locale (e.g. en_US or fr_FR): en_US
    com.sun.identity.authentication.spi.AuthLoginException: Failed to create new Authentication C
    ontext: Cannot find server ID.
    at com.sun.identity.authentication.AuthContext.login(AuthContext.java:690)
    at com.sun.identity.authentication.AuthContext.login(AuthContext.java:629)
    at com.sun.identity.authentication.AuthContext.login(AuthContext.java:457)
    at com.sun.identity.samples.authentication.Login.getAuthContext(Login.java:72)
    at com.sun.identity.samples.authentication.Login.main(Login.java:217)

    I’ve checked in AMConfig.properties and the naming service exists. The URL uses http protocol. The security credentials are definitely correct. Why is the SDK still not able to find the server?

     Peter Major

    Sounds like a configuration issue, but not quite sure where.

    ClientSDK is on it’s deathbed already and is no longer built with AM5, you really shouldn’t try to use it for new projects.


    For whatever reason it wasn’t connecting to the server, but I was able to connect to the load balancer URL in front of it.

    What would you recommend as a replacement?

     Peter Major

    Use the new REST APIs instead.


    Is there a way to use that over Java?

     Peter Major

    err, yes? As far as I’m aware the JDK does have API to make HTTP connections…
    You could always use http-client though.


    OK I was hoping OpenAM would have something and wouldn’t have to build it from scratch, but I may have to do something like that.

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