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    I’m using OpenID with OpenAM v.13 for in house application and i would like to prevent showing the consent page for the user…

    I would appreciate any help.



    Hi @guy_malachi

    I’m not 100% sure, but as far as I know, OpenAM doesn’t have an out-of-box fashion way where it is possible just to flag an option to skip Consent Page in version 13.
    In version 13.5 I’m sure that they have and it works well.

    There is a work-around procedure that will describe anyway (it can have anothers, this one worked for me):

    1. Select a Realm that you wish to configure
    2. Then Services
    3. OAuth2Provider
    4. Saved Consent Attribute Name (fill with: sunIdentityMSISDNNumber )
    5. A “Saved Consent Attribute Name” needs to match with an existing variable under:
      {Realm Name} / Data Stores / {Data Store Name} / LDAP User Attributes

    I’m not sure this solution fit your requirements. But if so, you could check as well this link about the possibility to create a script to import user from a specific repository (it is: provisioning process) with the consent already set to the correct value:

    Hope that helps,

    Fernando Antonio Barbeiro Campos


    Than you very much Fernando :)

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