Post authentication request will go through OpenIG too

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    Suppose OpenIG is working as SP and OPENAM is working as IDP. user is authenticated through SPInitiatedSingleSignOn ,user is authenticated and logged into application. Now , If user navigates multiple links of protected application , all those request will come back to OPENIG , will be passed through OpenIG again and again ?? and userid/ name value will be checked in exchange again and again ??
    Please clarify.


    no comment till now ??


    Yes, OpenIG acts as a reverse proxy on front of the protected application.

    That means that all the traffic for the protected application is intercepted by OpenIG.

    As a consequence, for each request, there is a test that verifies that the user has been along the SAML authentication process (that’s done by verifying that attributes of the SAML assertion have been stored in the HTTP Session).

    Hope that helps

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