Post Authentication plug in for a realm executing infinite loop (Inconsistent)

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    Hi I configure simple Authentication plug for a realm . PAP have simple debug statements . few times but it is executing infinite loop . few times it is executing only once . is there any existing issue or is there any issue with my configuration .

    OpenAm version : 13.5.1


     Andy Cory

    Hi Bhargava

    This isn’t a known problem with PAPs as a rule. It sounds like something local to your configuration. Have you defined the PAP to execute at module, chain or realm level? More importantly, have you defined it in only one of those!



    Hi Andy,
    the problem is only when i configured PAP for a realm . If i configure for a authentication chain it is executing perfectly . I am using only for a realm .

    The problem with Authentication chain is , federation route my authentication chain PAP is not executing . so i removed for authentication chain and configured for a realm . it is behaving inconsistent .


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