Policy evaluation not takes place using "Group Subjects"

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    Policy evaluation not takes place using “Group Subjects”

    I have a group called “group1”
    Created policy called “policy1”,
    Under “Subjects”, selected “Users& Groups” and added “group1” as “Group Subjects”.

    It returns result as given bellow during policy evaluation API call,
    “advices”: {},
    “ttl”: 9223372036854775807,
    “resource”: “example.com”,
    “actions”: {},
    “attributes”: {}

    But i get result with attributes if give user name in “User Subjects”.
    I gave all permission to this group.

    Whats the issue…?

    • This topic was modified 6 years, 4 months ago by Firos.

    Resolved it.

    Deleted and recreated group, then added to policy.

    Don’t know why it behaves like that.

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